Wood adhesives for structural adhesive bonding of wood materials. Veneer adhesives. Adhesives for OSB manufacturing. Adhesives for small and large scale production carpentry. Wood adhesives for vacuum presses.

Bonded materials


For the adhesion of:

We deal with projects in the field of industrial bonding  - individually, customised to our customer's needs and wishes.  

We offer expert advice and supply adhesives to both small and large companies, including application technologies (from manual applicators to application lines) and staff training.



  • Adhesives for structural adhesive bonding wood 
  • Adhesives for bonding and manufacturing furniture 
  • Adhesives for laminating wooden boards  
  • Hot-melt adhesives for edge banding 
  • Polyurethane adhesives for high-strength bonding  
  • Hot-melt polyurethanes for laminating wooden profiles 
  • Dispersion adhesives in the D2, D3 and D4 classes
  • Dispersion adhesives for outdoor and indoor use 
  • Spray adhesives for OSB laminating. 

Types of adhesives

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Brand of adhesives


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Bonding area

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