Who We Are

The company Lepidla centrum cz, s.r.o. was established in 1994 as a distributor of industrial adhesives on the Czech market.

Initially it represented adhesive and resin manufacturers and focused more on the smaller manufacturing sector. By the year 2001 the company has started representing the five top adhesive manufacturers and widened the range of supplied adhesives.  While the company was focused on business growth, it also focused on education and training of its own specialists, who are providing expert advice in this area.

Over the next few years the company Lepidla centrum, s.r.o., has expanded its logistics facilities and also its own distribution network. It has also continued educating the professional staff as well as searching for new progressive technologies and bonding methods in the dynamic adhesive market.

The company Lepidla centrum cz, s.r.o is currently able to provide advice and technical support in the field of industrial bonding and to provide technologies for the application of industrial adhesives. 


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