In the field of industrial bonding we offer comprehensive services covering important sectors in this field:


Project management

We manage project where bonded joints are needed. We always try to offer easy and functional solutions customised to our customer's needs.

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We offer expert advice in the field of industrial bonding, in the form of consultations or professional training directly in your factory. We will gladly consult your problem with you over the phone or answer your questions.

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We supply our products flexibly to both small and large companies. We have our own supply fleet, which allows us to supply our client in a short period of time if necessary. We supply adhesives from a wide range of manufacturers, from small shipments to one-ton pallets.

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Bonding technologies

In addition to project management and supplying adhesives, we also offer solutions in the field of application technologies, including bonding applicators (application guns, nozzles, etc.). We are able to supply our clients with equipment raging from manual application guns to the implementation of a whole customised application line.

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Tube filling

In the field of industrial adhesives, we also deal with transferring liquid chemicals from large packages to smaller tubes or containers. We are able to fill a wide range of materials with different viscosities in 30ml or 60ml tubes, or design customised filling lines.

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